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Russia accuses US-led contingent of collaborating with Islamic State in Afghanistan

Zamir Kabulov, Russia’s Special Presidential envoy on Afghanistan

Russia has accused a US-led contingent of collaborating with the Islamic State, which has taken responsibility for mounting a deadly suicide attack at Kabul airport on, in which  over a 100 people were killed.

Russia’s Special Presidential envoy on Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov  said during an online discussion programme organised by the Valdai international discussion club that Moscow has received information about cooperation between the US-led foreign contingent and the Islamic State (IS) terror group, Russia’s Tass News Agency reported.

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"I am sure that there was such interaction, we started talking about it for good reason. We began to receive very specific information about such facts of cooperation," he said. "We received it from local Afghans, including leaders at the local level, who did not understand why helicopters were supplying weapons and ammunition to the areas captured by IS units."

Russia has evidence of foreign contingent’s cooperation with IS in Afghanistan — diplomat

Kabulov stressed that  this was not a solo occurrence. He recalled an incident when the Taliban had cornered a large IS unit in northern Afghanistan. "Those IS fighters were transported by helicopters in an unknown direction, as it looked initially, but then to the area of Bagram Airbase, and then they disappeared somewhere. One can recall a lot of such incidents, and when you do that, the conclusion is unambiguous," Kabulov observed.