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Nawaz Sharif takes “charge”, summons his brother to London for emergency meeting

Nawaz Sharif takes "charge", summons his brother to London for emergency meeting

Few big decisions are on cards as the former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and supremo of PML-N meets the new Pakistani Prime Minister and his younger brother Shehbaz Sharif, and key ministers and senior leaders of his party on Wednesday in London. 

According to Pakistani sources, the reason for this “emergency meeting” is to discuss matters related to the economy and prevailing political situation of the country.  

According to sources, the premier had suggested a virtual meeting but the senior Sharif insisted for a face- to- face interaction. 

“Imran Khan has caused unprecedented havoc in the country and the kind of destruction he has left behind has never been seen before. Thankfully, he is gone and his destructive ways have been stopped but he has left Pakistan in a deep economic mess and the meeting will discuss the current situation as well as the way forward,” The News quoted Nawaz Sharif as saying.

Sources say that several important decisions will be taken at the meeting, including settling the question of early elections, developing a strategy to counter Imran Khan and stemming the ongoing price hike.

“Pakistan is facing another constitutional crisis as President Arif Alvi has decided not to let the Sharif government function at the instructions of his boss Imran Khan who wants immediate elections. The president is subverting the Constitution by not following the PM's advice and cabinet’s decisions. The president is duty bound to sign cabinet decisions but he refused the Sharif government’s decision to remove the Punjab governor. Finally, the government had to de-notify the Punjab governor and now the president has approached the Supreme court. It is quite a bizarre constitutional crisis,” says Hasan Abidi, a Pakistani expert.  

Pakistani watchers believe that President Alvi is hell bent to create problems for the new government as he has not been signing the decisions taken by the new administration as he wants the government to announce early elections immediately. 

Even Nawaz Sharif wants early elections but the Election Commission of Pakistan had already said that elections were not possible before October. 

Nawaz Sharif was scheduled to return to Pakistan after Eid but according to sources, his lawyers are working for his early return.

Meanwhile the ousted premier Imran Khan who is already in an election mode and has started election campaigns has been taking pot-shots at the Sharif government by saying that the new government is being run from London. In a public meeting, Khan said that the entire cabinet was going to meet a ‘corrupt and convicted’ person, that too using taxpayers’ money.

“My foreign conspiracy is correct that America and western countries are behind my removal and these leaders(Sharifs) are traitors,” Khan told his supporters. 

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