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Pakistan slaps sedition charges after Sindhi nationalists demand freedom, release of missing persons

Sedition cases lodged against Sindh activists including Suhni Joyo (Photo: @Ejazale9/Twitter)

The Sindh authorities filed two separate cases of sedition against nearly 60 Sindhi nationalists for raising anti-Pakistan slogans at various protests in Sann town to mark the 118th birth anniversary of Sindh nationalist leader GM Syed.

Nationalist groups and various factions including Jeay Sindh Tehreek (JST), Jeay Sindh Mahaz (JSM) and Sindh United Party (SUP) had organised events to mark the occasion, reports Dawn newspaper. Some of the parties organised the events near GM Syed's grave while the SUP organised its event at the residence of its convener–Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah, the grandson of GM Syed.

Police and security forces launched a crackdown after the events  were over. Cases were filed against the activists under the Anti-terrorism Act. This is the second time in recent months that Pakistan has filed sedition cases on Sindh activists.

Cases were also filed against Sindh Sujag Forum (SSF) finance secretary Suhni Joyo and her husband, Sarang Joyo, the SSF joint secretary. The party held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation and condemned the filing of the sedition cases.

Separately, the Jeay Sindh Freedom movement (JSFM) organised a protest rally to demand the release of missing political activists in Sindh. The activists also raised slogans in favour of missing people in Balochistan.  

The protestors condemned the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which they say is taking away resources meant for the local people as well as stopping military operations in Sindh.

Many other towns of Sindh also witnessed rallies and programmes by Sindh nationalists. The police also filed cases against the Jeay Sindh Students Federation (JSSF) on treason charges for raising anti-Pakistan slogans in Sukkur.

Sindh's nationalist parties organise massive events every year on the birth anniversary of GM Syed who advocated for a Sindhudesh nation, separate from Pakistan.