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Pakistan registers sedition cases against Sindh University students as nationalism resurges in province

Sindh students protest for an independent Sindh (Photo: @SindhiAdvocate/Twitter)

Pakistan has filed a sedition case against 21 students of the Sindh University (SU) along with 13-14 other people on Tuesday after the students celebrated the Sindh Cultural Day on November 18.

The police say that they filed the case after a delay of over a fortnight as they were identifying students and verifying their names.

Similarly, the university administration also issued notices to the students after a ten-day delay on Nov 27 as it was also making its own investigations. The university has charged the students with violating discipline and breaching the code of conduct agreed upon for permission to hold the event.

The sedition cases have been registered for raising slogans against Pakistan and the government, under the influence of the Singh nationalist party–Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM).

The founder and central chief organizer of the Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement, Zafar Sahito says that "hundreds of Sindhi nationalists are missing because of demand of national freedom". He has alleged that three young students were abducted by the Pakistani intelligence forces.

The police complaint says that the students raised anti-state slogans at the instigation of the banned JSMM leader Shafi Burfat. The complaint adds that the students cut across "different political and nationalist parties, celebrated the day at Zero Point, where they raised anti-Pakistan slogans".

Highlighting the discontent in Sindh, Pakistan human rights activist, Amjad Ayub Mirza, says: "Student rallies across Sindh call for independence. Sindh university Jamshoro, Agricultural university Tando Jam and Shah Latif university Khairpur. Sindh students up in revolt against Pakistani occupation!!!!"

In another tweet, Mirza has posted a photograph of Pakistani forces allegedly conducting search operations in the Qambar Shadad kot in Sindh for Sindh freedom fighters.

The university's notice says that the students created a law and order situation which has affected the educational environment and study atmosphere. It adds that the students were only supposed to celebrate the day on November 18 within their respective departments and had been prohibited from holding demonstrations.

Media reports say that Sindhis are supporting the Baloch people in their agitation against Pakistani security forces as well as the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).