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Pakistan: Prominent Baloch activist raises voice against police violence during protests in Pasni

Baloch Activist Mahrang Baloch (Photo: X)

Prominent Baloch activist, Mahrang Baloch, has criticized the police raid on demonstrators at Pasni Zero-Point in Pakistan’s Balochistan province.

According to reports, on Thursday morning, Frontier Corps (FC) personnel, along with police officers, forcefully intervened in a peaceful protest. During the raid, they subjected women to violence, assaulted missing student Bahadur Bashir’s elder brother, and confiscated his mobile phone.

Taking to social media platform X, Mahrang said, “Bahadur Baloch, a Karachi University student, was abducted from Pasni. His family is protesting by blocking Pasni Zero Point, demanding his safe release. Police & FC have responded with violence and threats, even confiscating their phones. In this oppressive state, Baloch missing persons’ families are denied their right to protest.”

The family of Bahadur Bashir, who was reportedly abducted from Pasni, along with local residents, had blocked the coastal highway at Zero Point in Pasni on Monday morning this week.

They stated that the protest would persist until Bahadur Bashir is safely returned.

A student at Karachi University, Bahadur Bashir, was allegedly detained by Pakistani forces. He was taken into custody and moved to an undisclosed location. The young man was apprehended upon returning to Pasni for Eid celebrations in his hometown.

Simultaneously, a sit-in protest has been ongoing for two weeks at the main gate of the Deputy Commissioner’s office in Turbat district headquarters, demanding the recovery of missing persons.

In Balochistan, there are allegations against the Pakistani army regarding enforced disappearances. These accusations suggest that security forces have been involved in forcibly detaining individuals, particularly activists and civilians, without legal process or public acknowledgment of their whereabouts.

The incidents have sparked widespread concern and protests, with demands for accountability and the safe return of those who have gone missing.

The Pakistan Army has been accused of targeting Baloch students through various means. Allegations include arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances, and harassment under the pretext of maintaining security and countering separatist movements in Balochistan. Students, especially those involved in activism or expressing dissent, have reportedly been subjected to intimidation, surveillance, and detention without due process.

These actions are seen as part of broader efforts to suppress dissent and control the narrative in the region.