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Pakistan-made beef chocolates sold in shops at Udaipur spark outrage

Chili Mili brand beef toffees

The sale of Pakistan-made chocolate containing beef gelatine at shops in Rajasthan’s Udaipur have sparked an outrage in the city.

After receiving complaints a team from the state’s Medical and Health Department raided the shop called Chocolate and Birthday Items located at the Delhi Gate intersection of Udaipur and seized all the Chili Mili brand beef toffees which have been sent to the forensic lab for testing.

The Chili Mili toffee brand is made by Candyland, the largest confectionery group in Pakistan, which is owned by Karachi-based Ismail Industries.

During the investigation, it was found that the shop was also supplying this toffee to other retail outlets in the city. When questioned, the shopkeeper said that he had purchased the toffees containing beef gelatine from Mumbai’s Crawford market. However, he did not get a bill for the toffees.

The Health Department is also investigating other shops in the city to see whether more of these chocolates imported from Pakistan have spread in the city.