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Pakistan intensifies military operation in Balochistan after deadly attacks on Pak soldiers

File photo of Pakistani troops in Balochistan

The Baloch media has reported that the Pakistani military has launched a full-scale operation in Bolan. This comes soon after military helicopters were seen flying intensely in the region just days earlier.

The Balochistan Post reports that "a large cadre of security forces advances in the area".

The Pakistani army is marching on foot through Zarghoon and Jambro areas of Bolan, says The Balochistan Post. It adds that the operation might last for a few days.

Pakistan has not released information on the military operation.

Just two days back the Pakistani air force and army had launched another offensive in Noshki. Pakistan military's media wing, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), issued a statement saying that two fighters of the Baloch Republican Army (BRA) had been killed in the operation. It added that the killed BRA members were involved in attacks on security forces and a large cache of weapons was recovered from them.

However, BRA denied ISPR’s claims that the two slain men were BRA fighters.

A local journalist told India Narrative that rebel groups hold strong positions in the mountain areas of Balochistan despite the large-scale army operations.

The journalist added that Balochistan is a black hole for the media therefore very little information comes out of the region.

In February this year, the Pakistani army had launched a major military operation after three audacious attacks on its security forces killed scores of troops. The Baloch people are fighting for complete independence from Pakistan.