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Pak: Baloch rights body condemns brutal violence against nine-month peaceful protest in Chaman

Pakistan defence forces attack ongoing nine months of peaceful protest (Photo: X/@MahrangBaloch)

Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) condemned the use of state machinery against the use of brutal violence against the nine-month peaceful sit-in protest at Chaman. The authorities in Islamabad used excessive force, including tear gas, batons and water cannons against peaceful protesters.

“Baloch Yakjehti Committee condemns the use of brutal violence against the nine-month peaceful sit-in protest at Chaman by state institutions. Instead of addressing the legitimate concerns of the people of Chaman and the border dwellers, the state has resorted to violence against peaceful protesters,” said BYC in a post on X.

A peaceful protest in the Chaman district of Pakistan’s Balochistan was reportedly attacked by law enforcement agencies during the early hours of Friday in which more than thirty people were injured.

The BYC stated “Today’s military aggression against the protesters has resulted in the loss of valuable human lives and injured more than thirty people. Chaman has been besieged and cut off from the rest of Balochistan, also internet services have been shut down. We stand in solidarity with the peaceful protesters and support their legitimate demands.”

Additionally, Baloch leader Mahrang Baloch also raised the same matter on social media condemning the brutal actions of the Pakistani defence forces, in a statement made on ‘X’ she stated, “The brutality of the state army in Chaman is very alarming and condemnable. The people of Chaman have been peacefully protesting for their social and economic rights for the past several months. It is very sad to say that this peaceful sit-in is being met with continuous violence by the state army.

“The Chaman Dharna was attacked this morning. According to the reports on social media, many people have been injured. Even before this, the State Army violently attacked the Chaman Dharna. The Pashtun nation is constantly facing state oppression, but despite all these oppressions, the Pashtun nation has continued to fight for its rights, which is commendable. I request the human rights organizations to take immediate notice of the state brutality on the Chaman dharna”. Mahrang Baloch added.

Notably, the Baloch community in Pakistan has been suffering at the hands of Pakistani law enforcement agencies. Previously, the Human Rights Department of the Baloch National Movement (BNM), known as PAANK in its report condemned the Pakistan army’s atrocities in Balochistan including enforced disappearances and fake encounters. PAANK released a chilling monthly report shedding light on the deteriorating human rights situation in Balochistan, Pakistan.

According to the PAANK report, Balochistan has become a battleground for violent actions allegedly perpetrated by state forces such as the Frontier Corps (FC), the Counter-Terrorism Department, and army-backed death squads.

In May alone, the province witnessed 19 cases of torture victims, three extrajudicial killings, and a staggering 90 enforced disappearances. Tragically, many of the disappeared individuals later resurface dead, bearing signs of torture, the report added.

Among the documented extrajudicial killings, the report highlighted the cases of Zahid Niaz from Kandari Mashkai district Awaran and Yar Muhammed Jalal from Nasirabad, both fatally shot on May 27. The report also detailed the brutal murder of Balach Nazir Ahmed Badini, a promising football player from Nushki, gunned down in broad daylight.

Enforced disappearances remain a pervasive issue in Balochistan, with 90 cases reported in May alone. Districts like Kech, Dera Bugti, and Gwadar are particularly affected, with 22, 29, and 15 cases respectively.