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Ontario MP urges Trudeau govt to curb Khalistani activities in Canada

Deepak Anand, Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP) of Canada’s Ontario state

CHANDIGARH: Deepak Anand, Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP) of Canada’s Ontario state while condemning the attempts of the extremist Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) to spread hatred among the Hindu and Sikh communities settled in Canada has asked the Justin Trudeau government to bridle such activities that have the potential to trigger violence.

A poster displayed in Mississauga city of Canada on Thursday by the Khalistani outfit SFJ alleging, “An 8 days old Sikh infants burnt alive by Hindu mobs” in 1984 and demanding that the Canadian government declare incidents of 1984 as a “genocide of Sikhs” is evoking sharp reactions.

The SFJ holds such demonstrations abroad every year to remind people of the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination on October 31, 1984, resulting in the killings of the Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere in the country. The violence abated by November 3 when the Army was called in to control the situation.

Holding a demonstration in support of its demand the SFJ extremists alleged that trained and paid Hindu mobs killed Sikhs quoting a book written by some obscure writer. The name of the book was not mentioned.

Inquiries by indianarrartive.com with academic scholars to find out the name of such a book mentioning the burning of a living 8-month-old Sikh infant could yield any result.

Chanchal Manohar Singh, a veteran journalist having good knowledge of 1984 violence does not know of any such particular incident but says that evidence is present to show that many Sikhs were burnt alive after sprinkling petrol on them.”

MPP Anand said on Twitter that he was born a Hindu and his religion did not teach the killing of infants or for that matter any innocent. A war of arguments and counter-arguments has started on his Twitter wall.

India has asked Canada to treat those declared extremists or terrorists by Indian agencies as the same under Canadian laws as well but the request is yet to be accepted. Though, Justin Trudeau’s government has reiterated that it holds the unity and integrity of India as paramount.