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No ceasefire until cause of war is discussed: Taliban

No ceasefire until cause of war is discussed: Taliban

<p id="content"> A Taliban spokesman said that the militant group will not agree to a ceasefire unless the peace negotiators can discuss the main cause of the Afghan war, the media reported today.</p>
Speaking to TOLO News from the Taliban office in Doha, the spokesman, Mohammad Naeem, claimed that the Taliban has reduced the level of violence with the preliminary round of the intra-Afghan talks that started on September 12.

But he said that the Afghan government has not halted its offensive operations.

"It does not make sense to end 20 years of war in one hour. In our perspective, it will be logical to discuss the main aspects of the problems and the war and then finalize a ceasefire so that the problem is resolved permanently," Naeem told TOLO News.

"Suppose, if we announce a ceasefire today, but then we fail to reach an agreement at the negotiating table tomorrow, do we go toward the war again?" he queried.

The spokesman further said that the Taliban wants the establishment of an Islamic system in which the values of people of the country are reflected.

He said that the peace negotiation talks will have some ups and downs, but was optimistic about the outcomes.

"We have entered the peace process with a strong will and determination, we want this problem finally to be resolved.

The process is complicated and it has its own complexities, but we are hopeful that the problems come to an end," Naeem told TOLO News.

Following the start of the much-awaited talks, the two sides were yet to finalize the procedures and methods for conducting the formal negotiations..