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Myanmar President calls upon people to establish a democratic federal union

Myanmar President U Win Myint on Monday called developing a constitution which lays the foundation of a future democratic federal union that complies with principles and standards.

Speaking on the occasion of the 73rd Anniversary of Independence Day, U Win Myint stressed that it was important for all ethnic nationals to help each other in close friendship, to have compassion and empathy, to discuss and negotiate, to be free from suspicion, to have mutual respect, understanding and trust as well as unity in establishing the democratic federal union, reports Xinhua news agency.

He believed that a peaceful, modern, developed and prosperous democratic federal union will emerge in the future if all ethnic nationals worked strenuously in unity with firm union spirit.

Myint stressed that the union government is striving to establish a democratic federal union which has been the aspiration of all ethnic nationals with the intention of achieving cessation of internal armed conflicts and establishing durable peace.

A British colony in the 19th century, Myanmar gained independence on January 4, 1948.