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Journalist arrested in Karachi for 'defaming Pakistan Army'

<p id="content">A senior Pakistani journalist associated with a leading English daily was arrested in Karachi after he was accused of sharing "highly provocative posts" against the country's Army, the media reported today.</p>
Karachi police chief, Additional Inspector General Ghulam Nabi Memon, confirmed to Dawn news that "Bilal Farooqui of The Express Tribune" had been "arrested by the station investigation officer (SIO) of Defence police" on yesterday evening.

Farooqi works as a news editor at the newspaper.

According to the FIR reviewed by Dawn news, the complainant, a Karachi resident, said upon checking his Facebook and Twitter accounts, he found "highly objectionable material" shared by Farooqi on the two platforms against the Pakistan Army.

The complainant added that the posts also contained material pertaining to religious hatred.

He further alleged that Farooqi had "defamed" the Pakistan Army and therefore, legal action should be taken against him.

In a statement on Friday night, the Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ) said the arrest was part of the "nefarious and concerted campaign to gag the free and independent voices".

The KUJ added that Farooqui "never indulged in any kind of violation of Pakistani laws"..