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Israel moves forward with national plan to prepare for climate change

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Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection published the first phase of the national plan to prepare for climate change. This step includes mapping the areas affected by climate change in Israel and the main steps to deal with and minimize risks.

The national preparedness plan is designed to diagnose and map the areas affected by climate change in Israel, to identify the manner of impact on them, to initially prioritize key moves and consolidate them in order to reduce the risks and take advantage of the opportunities in these areas.

The plan includes 48 moves and about 200 tasks that about 30 ministries and government bodies must promote and carry out in the coming years in order to improve Israel’s preparedness for the climate crisis.

About 50% of the moves in the program deal with the establishment and development of a knowledge infrastructure, the execution and implementation and formulation of plans.

The plan was formulated based on a review of international preparation plans, previous work done in Israel, dialogue with the ministries and other government and local government bodies, dialogue with experts and a review of moves formulated by the directorate over the years of its activity.