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Iran's IRGC warns US against inspecting vessels in int'l waters

<p id="content">The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has warned against any possible attempt by the US to inspect Iranian vessels in international waters.</p>
Any US move of the kind will be responded "decisively" by Iran, Xinhua news agency quoted Lieutenant Commander of the IRGC Ali Fadavi as saying yesterday.

"Iran will not just retaliate any US attempt to inspect the Iranian ships in international waters,.we will give a powerful response to any US folly, a response that the enemy can't imagine," he added.

Despite the objection of its European allies and other world powers, the US administration on September 19 announced the reimposition of full range of sanctions against Iran, which the UN had suspended after the signing of a 2015 nuclear accord.

The US unilateral sanctions would reportedly allow "inspections of ships" linked to the Iranian trades in international seas..