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India to harden stand with UK, Canada over free hand to Sikh radicals 

Hindu symbols being openly attacked in the presence of police in Leicester, United Kingdom

India’s is expected to take a tougher diplomatic position to drive home its message to UK and Canada that they need to do much more to curb anti-India activities of some radical Sikhs and Muslim organisations living in the two western countries. 

Both External Affairs Minister S. Jaishakar and National Security Adviser Ajit Doval are reported to be formulating tougher diplomatic measures against both the countries to let them know that they cannot take India for granted.

The tougher stand will make it clear to both countries that it cannot be business as usual with New Delhi unless concrete steps are taken to stop anti-India activities.

The political leadership in both UK and Canada have been turning a blind eye to these extremist Sikh groups and been allowing them to collect funds to fuel a separatist movement against India.

According to sources, New Delhi has demanded answers from Canada on the outcome of various complaints about hate crimes and anti-India activities being carried out in Canadian territory.

New Delhi has lodged a strong protest with the UK authorities over the incidents of vandalisation of Hindu temples and symbols in Leicester and also expressed its displeasure to Canada as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not do anything to stop an illegal “referendum” on Khalistan in Brampton on September 18, conducted by a proscribed organisation Sikhs For Justice.

On the other hand, he has been vocal in opposing Russia’s attempt to conduct a referendum in Ukraine. New Delhi is upset over the double standards being adopted by Trudeau and is likely to take stronger

Trudeau had responded to the Indian missive sent to him September 16 to take action against SFJ saying that in Canada people were free to express their views and beliefs in a peaceful manner. No action could be taken against them till they created a law and order problem.

BAPS Swami Narayan mandir in Brampton was recently vandalised by Khalistanis evoking a strong reaction jointly from the Hindu community and the Ontario Sikh Gurdwara Council. The police registered a case and were searching for the miscreants.

On September 18, a miscreant in black clothes scaled up to pull down the saffron flag of a Hindu temple in East Leicester as a cheering crowd watched the mischievous act in the presence of the police and raised slogans of “Allah-u-Akbar.”

This was followed by a chain of violent incidents wherein properties and vehicles of the Hindu community were damaged. Rumours were spread that a Mosque had been vandalised. The police arrested 47 people who were part of a mob that damaged Hindu properties and vehicles. Clashes had also taken place between the Hindus and Muslims on August 28 after the India-Pakistan match in Dubai. The videos of the old incident were still doing the rounds.

At the same time there is a lot of resentment also amongst the larger Punjabi community against the radical elements.

Pro-India, California-based Punjabi Sukhi Chahal, said in an interview on New Dateline Punjab YouTube channel that the Sikh community settled abroad needs to stand up against the Khalistani forces if it wants long-term peace and progress.

A journalist revealed that it was for the first time the Hindu community gathered in large numbers in Brampton to participate in a sammelan. This was being viewed as a silent message to Khalistanis.

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