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India-South Korea observe International Friendship Day, promise to deepen ties

India-South Korea relations: New era

This international friendship day was a tad different. Reason? While people greeted each other, India and South Korea too celebrated their friendly ties.

The Korean Cultural Center in New Delhi said in a post, “30th July is International Friendship Day designated by UN. We, Korean Cultural Centre India, want to celebrate this day with our friend country, India.”

“For two countries holding cultural values in high regard, our friendship is sacred and set in stones since past for years to come. India and Korea’s historical connection have roots in the Korean historical record, ‘Samguk Yusa’, the post read.

According to Asian Community News, South Korea even remembered its former President Roh Moo-hyun who once said, “We are cousins” while commenting on Korea’s friendly relations with India.

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There are about 10,000 Koreans living in India at present.

South Korean culture, music, food and even language are gaining popularity like never before in India. Besides, several South Korean companies are now already present in India. Many more are looking to enter the Indian market while a few existing have evinced interest in expanding their network.

“We should see our relationship with India on a very strategic level,” Shin Bongkil, South Korean envoy to India, who just returned to his home country said at an event last year.

All eyes are now on Chang Jae-bok who has now assumed charge as Ambassador to India. He will have to shoulder the responsibility of further deepening ties between Seoul and New Delhi.