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India asks its citizens in Ukraine to leave as tensions mount on border with Russia

India asks its citizens in Ukraine to leave as tensions mount on border with Russia.

India has asked its citizens including students in Ukraine to leave the country if their stay in the east European nation "is not deemed essential" as tensions continue to mount on the border with Russia. 

In a second advisory issued on Sunday, the Indian embassy in Ukraine said Indian citizens should look for any available commercial or charter flight to return home. The earlier advisory had asked students to leave Ukraine “as soon as possible.”

"In view of the continued high levels of tensions and uncertainties with respect to the situation in Ukraine, all Indian nationals whose stay is not deemed essential and all Indian students, are advised to leave Ukraine temporarily," the Indian embassy in Ukraine tweeted.

"Indian students are advised to also get in touch with respective student contractors for updates on charter flights, and also continue to follow embassy Facebook, website and Twitter for any update," the India embassy stated.

Indians in Ukraine who need information and assistance can also contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) directly for which a control room has been set up.

Air India will operate three special flights to Ukraine on February 22, 24 and 26 to bring back the country’s citizens. The flights will operate to and from Boryspil International Airport, which is the largest airport in Ukraine.

Meanwhile diplomatic efforts are still underway to prevent the outbreak of a war as Russian troops are massed on the Ukraine border and their tension in the restive eastern region of the country bordering Russia.

A telephone conversation between French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian leader Vladimir Putin about the situation in Ukraine got underway today as planned, news agency AFP reported. 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “evidence suggests Russia is planning the biggest war in Europe since 1945.”

He told BBC's Sophie Raworth in an interview: "All the signs are that the plan has already in some senses begun."

Intelligence suggests Russia intends to launch an invasion that will encircle Ukrainian capital Kyiv, Mr Johnson claimed.

"People need to understand the sheer cost in human life that could entail," he added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has also stepped up his rhetoric, reiterating demands for written guarantees that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) roll back military deployments in eastern Europe.

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