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 Grenades supplied by Pakistan seized from Hyderabad terror group

Three people have been arrested for conspiring to hurl grenades at public gatherings in Hyderabad.

Three terrorists arrested last week for planning grenade attacks at public gatherings in Hyderabad during Dusshera have now been linked to the notorious Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

China-made grenades were found in their possession which had come from the Punjab border where they were dropped by Pakistani drones.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of drones being sent by Pakistan to the Indian border and several of them have been shot down by the BSF and army. However, it appears that some of them are successful in their mission to supply arms and ammunition to terror groups in India.

The suspected Lashkar-e-Taiba operatives had planned to target Dussehra processions and BJP meetings.

According to Hyderabad police, Abdul Zahed, a resident of Malakpet in the city, had revived his contacts with Pakistani ISI handlers who had asked him to recruit more people to carry out terror attacks after which he roped in two other accused – Samiuddin and Maaz Hasan.

A police statement revealed that Zahed had previously been involved in several terror cases in Hyderabad including a suicide attack on the Hyderabad City Police Commissioner’s task-force office in Begumpet in 2005. He was reported to be in touch with Pakistan’s ISI-LeT handlers.

Police are now working on unearthing the entire network involved in supplying the grenades and other weapons from Punjab to Hyderabad.