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Google issues Joker malware warning, urges Android phone users to delete it

Google issues Joker malware warning

If you have an Android phone, there is a word of caution. Google has issued yet another Joker malware warning. It has removed the Google Play Store app on which the Joker malware was hidden but what is worrying is that already more than 500,000 users have downloaded it.

Research firm Pradeo discovered the Joker malware, “which has been active for at least two years, in an Android app called Color Message” PCMag.com, technology product review platform said.

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According to PCMag, Pradeo has said that Joker is categorized as Fleeceware "as its main activity is to simulate clicks and intercept SMS to subscribe to unwanted paid premium services unbeknownst to users.”

This malware was found hiding in hundreds of apps for the last two years.

However, the good news is that deleting the apps can remove the malware.