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Free Balochistan Movement announces campaign against Operation Azm-e-Istihkam by Pakistan Army

Recent protest by FBM in the Netherlands (Photo: ANI)

The Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) has announced the launch of a social media campaign against Pakistani military aggression, dubbed “Operation Azm-e-Istihkam,” which they claim was initiated at China’s behest to carry out genocide against the Baloch people.

The campaign is scheduled to take place on social media platforms, particularly “X” (formerly Twitter), on Thursday evening.

The movement has specified that the hashtags #StopBalochAndPashtunGenocide and #ExpansionistChinaInstigatesBalochAndPashtunGenocide will be used during the campaign to amplify their message.

In a press statement, the organisation said, “Reports from Pakistani media and other sources indicate that the Pakistani military is poised to launch a large-scale operation, “Azm-e-Istihkam,” allegedly to safeguard China’s interests and investments.”

The Free Balochistan Movement claims that this operation is aimed to further intensify the genocide against the Baloch people under the guise of achieving stability.

The Free Balochistan Movement’s campaign aims to raise global awareness about the security situation in Balochistan and seek to convey their concerns to international powers, highlighting the deceptive portrayal of Balochistan’s struggle for independence.

“The campaign intends to expose what they describe as a major and bloody confrontation planned by Pakistan to suppress the Baloch nation’s fight for independence,” the FBM statement said.

The movement has called on all Baloch people and supporters of their cause worldwide to participate in the campaign from 4 PM on July 4.

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