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Finally UK deploys heavy security outside Indian High Commission to keep Khalistani groups at bay

Khalistan separatists kept away from the Indian High Commission (Photo: Twitter)

The British government put up unprecedented security outside the Indian High Commission on Wednesday afternoon in response to another Khalistani protest outside the premises in central London. Visuals showed police vans, mounted police as well as patrols with high levels of preparedness for possible violence by the Khalistani radicals.

The police put up barricades in front of the high commission and ensured that the protestors were kept on the opposite side of the high commission premises. The separatists shouted slogans from across the road where they were confronted by a posse of police personnel behind barricades. Reportedly, a helicopter also kept an eye on the proceedings from the sky.

The protestors came in hired coaches from gurudwaras across the UK from places like Southall, Slough, Leicester, Smethwick, Watford and Wolverhampton.

This is the second protest by the separatists since they first gathered outside the high commission on Sunday, indulging in violence and breaking windows. One youth had climbed on to the first floor and pulled down the Indian flag, which was snatched from him by an embassy staffer who also threw away a Khalistani flag.

The violent actions by the separatists have caused much consternation in New Delhi which had forewarned the British government about possible violence by the radicals. New Delhi feels that a long rope has been given to separatist groups that include Khalistanis propped up by Pakistan.

In response, India removed barricades and reduced security from the British High Commission and from the residence of top diplomat Alex Ellis. The government is also reviewing the security provided to other countries and foreign diplomatic missions.

In a video message on Tuesday, Indian High Commissioner to the UK, Vikram Doraiswami had addressed questions over the Punjab Police action against separatist Amritpal Singh and his associates over spreading disharmony, attempt to murder and attack on security personnel. He also rubbished rumours about a clampdown on internet and mobile communications in Punjab.

Khalistani groups are protesting against the action of the Punjab Police to arrest separatist Amritpal Singh and his associates who have been threatening communal harmony in India. Amritpal, a truck driver in Dubai, rose to sudden fame in Punjab in just a few months by propagating the idea of Khalistan.

In India his followers have been threatening top Indian leaders as well as fomenting violence in the state. With the sudden police crackdown, Amritpal has been absconding for the last four days though dozens of his associates have been arrested. His supporters in Western countries have resorted to violence in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia by attacking Indian embassies.

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