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Family of abducted student protest in Kech as enforced disappearances goes high in Balochistan

Baloch families raise voices against abductions (Photo: X/@BalochYakjehtiC)

Anees-Ur-Rehman, a student from Khuzdar district in Balochistan, Pakistan, was forcibly abducted by unknown armed men, prompting his family members to organize a long march through the streets of Buleda’s streets.

Buleda is a small valley and a Tehsil of Kech District in the Balochistan province of Pakistan.

The victim was captured during a hotel raid and was subjected to severe beatings during the abduction, The Balochistan Post reported on Wednesday.

Fakhar Baloch, Anees’s brother claimed that Anees was a computer science graduate from Bahauddin Zakariya University in Multan, and was picked up from ‘Cafe PUBG’ hotel and remains missing ever since.

Baloch human rights groups, student organizations, leaders, and fellow students have taken to social media, urging the safe return of Anees-Ur-Rehamn. Baloch students live in constant fear and anxiety, uncertain when abduction might strike.

Additionally, Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir stated on ‘X’, “Stop abducting Baloch students. Anees Baloch a computer science graduate from BZU Multan was abducted from Khuzdar & Farooq Baloch was abducted from Quetta. Produce them in a court of law if there is any allegation against them.”

The Baloch Student Action Committee also stated “The enforced disappearance of Anees ur Rehman Baloch from Khuzdar is deeply concerning. Anees Baloch, a graduate and the former chairman of BSC Multan, was abducted from a local restaurant in Khuzdar on June 4, 2024. This incident is part of the recent wave of enforced disappearances targeting Baloch masses here especially Baloch students, creating a tense and fearful environment. Just last week, Farooq Baloch was forcibly disappeared and remains missing. We call for the immediate safe release of Anees Baloch and urgent measures to ensure the security of Baloch students”.

Taking the matter further Baloch rights leader Mahrang Baloch stated “Baloch students are the backbone of our society; they are the prime victims of enforced disappearances by the state. Once taken, their faces become familiar to everyone, appearing on timelines, and their names turn into hashtags. Oppression is relentless; if we do not choose to resist, it will spare no one. As Baba Khair Bux Marri said, “The longer we take to rise against state oppression, the higher the cost we have to pay as a nation.”

Currently, the family members of the abducted individual and the local public of Balochistan have organized a long march in Buleda’s streets while chanting slogans and ultimately gathering in front of the office of the District Commissioner of Kech, the TBP report mentioned.

Several protestors during the march stated that they have been persistently protesting over the matter of enforced disappearances and yet there is no sign of a decline of such incidences in Balochistan.

On the contrary, the incidents of Baloch abductions have seen a steep rise. They also commented that if their loved ones have committed any crimes they must be produced before courts for fair trials. Additionally, they also stated that they will keep protesting in front of the Kech DC office until their loved ones are released, the Balochistan Post reported.