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China magazine publishes article detailing three-stage attack on Taiwan

China intends to attack Taiwan in a three-stage attack. The LY-80 LOMADS air defence missile system will be part of the assault (Photo: IANS)

The July 1, 2021 speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping was widely reported the world over for its threats to world peace and the underlying machismo. What has largely gone unreported is an article by a mainland Chinese magazine that shows how China will launch a surprise attack on Taiwan.

In an article on Friday, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on the possible strategy that China will deploy to take over Taiwan by force. The SCMP said: "article and video detailing how the island could be prepared for PLA landing coincide with Communist Party centenary celebrations. Publication does not explore possible counter-attacks or responses from other key players in its scenario".

Naval and Merchant Ships, a Beijing-based magazine, distributed by the China State Shipbuilding Corporation, published the article to mark the Centenary celebrations of the Communist Party of China (CPC). It mentioned in detail the three-stage attack that Chinese forces will launch before landing on Taiwanese shores.

South Korean newspaper The Korea Times, said the first stage of a Chinese assault on Taiwan includes ballistic missile attacks to destroy information gathering and decision-making assets like airports, radars, anti-air missile bases, and command centres across the island. It would be done through the use of DF-16―a short-range ballistic missile. This stage would also include attacks on Taiwanese naval ports by China's H-6 bombers and J-16 fighter jets.

The second stage of the attack would include intensive cruise missile attacks, such as the YJ-91 and CJ-10 launched from land, ships and submarines. The targets would include military bases, ammunition depots, communication infrastructure and road junctions, according to the Chinese magazine.

The third round of the attack would be artillery strikes from land-based rocket forces.

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The three stages would pave the way for the PLA's marine corps and amphibious landing troops who would invade Taiwan for the final assault and integration. The magazine also carried an ominous message for the Taiwanese: "… we must solemnly warn some people that the road of Taiwan independence only leads to a dead end".

The article by the Naval and Merchant Ships magazine reinforced Xi's message delivered on the CPC's centenary celebrations that the country is committed to the "reunification" of Taiwan with mainland China.

China has, in the last couple of years, flown threatening sorties in the Taiwanese airspace. In mid-June, it flew an assortment of 28 fighter jets towards Taiwan–creating a new record in the intimidation of the tiny island. China considers Taiwan a renegade province which has to be forcibly re-joined back with the mainland.