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Caught on Camera: Argentina President’s Boeing pulls off dangerous stunt over runway

Screengrab from the video

A scary video of a Boeing 757-200 performing a dangerous stunt over the runway has gone viral on social media.

According to Simple Flying, the risky manoeuvre carried out on Thursday by pilots flying the new Boeing 757-200 that has just been bought by Argentina for the use of the country’s President, has come in for severe criticism worldwide.

The video was shot by onlookers at Aeroparque Internacional Jorge Newbery in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires as the plane arrived in the country for the first time. It showed the aircraft levelling off very low over the runway and then suddenly ascending again in a steep left turn. The exercise was part of the execution of a fly pass used in cases of “a missed approach.”

According to reports, the plane then circled back and returned for a normal on the runway.