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Canada, Australia govts’ advisories expose Pakistan as a hub of terrorism

Shehbaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada

CHANDIGARH: In a scathing indictment of Islamabad, the Canadian and Australian governments have warned their citizens to be alert in Pakistan as the country is marred by “terrorism, civil unrest, sectarian violence, and kidnappings.”

“Several terrorist groups operate across the country (Pakistan)…incidents attributed to extremism, ethnic divisions, sectarian strife, political disputes, bombings, shootings, kidnappings, suicide bombings…directed at a wide range of targets… have caused many deaths,” says the Canadian document available with indianarrative.com.

The government of Australia has asked its citizens to reconsider their plans to travel to Pakistan as the security situation there is volatile and a high threat of terrorist attacks, kidnappings and violence exists.

The Canadian government’s lengthy warning-cum-advisory issued to its citizens on November 7 states: “The terrorists could target public places frequented by foreign tourists, minority groups, airports, western-style shopping arcades, hotels, and restaurants. The riskiest days in Pakistan are Eid, Muharram, Independence day, August 14 and the national day, March 23.”

The attack on former Prime Minister Imran Khan and others on November 3 has created a volatile situation in Pakistan. Demonstrations, roadblocks, use of teargas by police, and frequent firing of gunshots have been reported from major cities. The Army deployed troops and tanks to assist the local security forces, it explains.

On Women’s safety, the Canadian document says, “travelling alone you may be subjected to verbal abuse, harassment, gender-based violence or even molestation,” warning White women. Further, the document says, ” Forced marriage affecting foreigners occurs. It sometimes occurs without the affected person’s prior knowledge or consent.” Hence keep your passports safely in your possession and immediately report the matter to the Consulate.

The capital city of Islamabad and the port city of Karachi in Sindh are also not free from violence and crime. Visiting Lal Masjid is avoidable, in case you must, maintain a low profile, Canada’s advisory states.

Karachi is a city of gang wars, extortions, explosions, kidnappings, and political demonstrations. Moving near military areas is risky and should be avoided at all costs. The Pakistani Military arrests civilians and can keep them in custody indefinitely, the advisory further explains.

States of Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Sindh are dangerous to move around. The former has a fervent insurgency going on as natives are demanding a separate country. The Army is carrying out counter-insurgency operations leading to the violation of the human rights of the Baloch people. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project is under Baloch fire leading to the killings of Chinese engineers and technicians, it adds.

Conservative people inhabit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa beside the majority of poor tribals who often come into conflict with Westerners. Again, kidnappings, extortion, honour killings, and drug smuggling is the order of the day here, observes Canada.

In Sindh, a large number of Hindu families lived who did not move to India after the partition in 1947. In this state, many women are kidnapped and forcibly married off to Muslim men. Incidents of honour killings are common in this state.

Indianarrative.com has been regularly highlighting the issue of women’s safety and rights in Pakistan, especially that of minority Hindus who are often abducted, converted to Islam and married off to Muslim men.