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BSF shoots down Pakistani drone carrying 10 kg of heroin across Punjab border

The BSF report clearly shows that the drone shot down by its personnel on December 25 last year had footprints in China and Pakistan

A Pakistani drone carrying 10 kg of heroin was shot down by the BSF in Punjab on Monday night.

"Yesterday around 11.15 pm, our soldiers heard the humming of a drone flying over the border fence from the Pakistan side and fired 9 shots toward the flying object,” Amritsar BSF DIG B Singh said on Tuesday.

In the search that followed in the border region the BSF troops recovered a hexacopter drone with 9 packets of heroin weighing 10 kg. 

Pakistan is back at its old game of pumping drugs into India. Apart from using China-made drones to send drugs across the border, the hostile neighbour has also been using the sea route for smuggling large quantities of heroin into India.   

On April 25, a Pakistani ship was intercepted in Indian waters near the Gujarat coast with a consignment of heroin worth Rs 280 crores.

The operation to apprehend the ship named Al Haj was carried out jointly by India Coast Guard and Gujarat’s Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS). The ship had 9 crew members on board. 

More than 80% of illegal drugs flowing into India come from Pakistan. The drug cartels have the support of the Pakistani deep state as a result of which the authorities in the neighbouring country give them a free hand to operate.

Pakistan has been weaponising the illicit drug trade which is used to fund covert terror operations against India.

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