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BLF unravels the high intensity conflict in Balochistan that Pak wants hidden

The Pakistan Army (Photo: IANS)

The Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) released the January 2023 report about its activities and attacks on Friday.

A most important aspect it highlighted was the intensity of conflict in Balochistan – aerial patrols, drone attacks, night patrolling by spy planes and the use of helicopter gunships by the Pakistani military.

The eight-page report, released by BLF spokesperson Major Gwahram Baloch narrates the almost-daily assaults and raids that the group has carried out against the Pakistani army, the paramilitary and the police. It also mentions in interesting narration how the Pakistani army conducts its land and air operations against the Baloch fighters in the hills.

The most fascinating information in the report are the details of a two-day long operation carried out by the Pakistani army in Kech district on January 16 where the BLF lost four fighters. the report says that the army launched an aerial patrol in the eastern hills of Gwarkop in Kech, after which the BLF fighters dispersed in groups in different directions.

The BLF report says that drones unleashed bombs on the hills for two days and on 17 January military helicopters dropped commandos. It was in the clash with the commandos that the BLF lost four fighters.

The BLF carried out 23 attacks against the Pakistani security forces in January 2023 alone in which it killed more than 22 soldiers and injured 14.

These strikes included seven grenade attacks, sniper attacks and remote control explosions. These included attacks on military vehicles, checkposts, a military camp and setting up ambushes. The BLF also destroyed a mobile tower with explosives.

The BLA and its deadly Majeed Brigade have carried out some big attacks in Balochistan leading to considerable demoralisation in the security forces, particularly the Frontier Corps (FC).

Last year the BLF carried out daring attacks beginning in January when it launched a fire-raid on a check post on 25 January 2022 killing at least ten soldiers in Kech. A BLF annual report released earlier this year highlights how the fighters have kept the Pakistani paramilitary forces on their toes.

The BLA and its specialised guerrilla unit, the Majeed Brigade raided security force camps in Noshki and Panjgur in a gun and bomb attack and took over the camps for almost three days, keeping the army’s rescue teams at bay.

It even claimed to have shot down an army helicopter in September – the second loss for Pakistan in just a few months.

With a seven-decade-long armed struggle for independence in Balochistan, that borders Afghanistan and Iran, the restive province is largely run by the Pakistani military. With the high intensity conflict, the authorities have imposed a blackout on the media. With China stepping into the province in pursuit of a dual-use port in the city of Gwadar, the Pakistani military has tightened its grip on Balochistan.

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