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Barkhan tragedy exposes the rotten feudal system in Pakistan

The discovery of dead bodies and private prisons have fuelled more protests in Balochistan (Photo: Twitter/@Mirwaiskk)

Balochistan has erupted once again after three bodies, of a woman and her two sons, were found in a well in the Barkhan area exposing the rotten feudal system in Pakistan, reported Pak vernacular media Intekhab Daily.

Khan Muhammad Marri had accused the Balochistan Communication and Works Minister, Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran, of killing his three family members, including his wife and two sons. The victims, a woman and two men were identified by the police as Giran Naz, age 40-45, wife of Khan Muhammad Marri and her two sons Mohammad Nawaz, aged 20-25, and Abdul Qadir, aged 15-20, reported Dawn.

The chairman of the ‘Give Rights’ campaign Husain Wadela said the Barkhan tragedy exposed the rotten feudal system, supported by the government and the government institutions, Intekhab Daily reported.
Hundreds of people from the Marri tribe staged a protest in the capital Quetta demanding action against Balochistan minister for Communication and Works Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran, allegedly maintaining a private prison.

Wadela said the government is providing oxygen to the dying feudalism and tribal leadership. He condemned the murder of a woman and her two sons keeping other family members in a private jail.
Husain Wadela said the government is trying to protect Khetran, who is a member of the Balochistan Assembly.

Khetran has his private jail where he keeps those persons who raise their voices against him. People are intimidated to keep quiet, reported Intekhab Daily. Khan Mohammed Mari’s family was imprisoned by Khetran. He knocked at every door for justice but no one heard him three members of his family were murdered and the others are still in the private jail of Khetran.

The Edhi Foundation on Saturday buried the unclaimed body of a teenage girl found in a well in Barkhan along with two other male bodies.

Khetran on Tuesday denied keeping a private jail after bullet-riddled bodies of a woman and her two sons were found from a well near his residence in the Barkhan district area last night, reported Dawn.
Earlier, Balochistan Minister Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran, who was arrested on the charge of a triple murder, was presented in the judicial magistrate’s court where he was remanded in physical custody to the Crime Branch, reported Samaa.

At the request of the Crime Branch, the court handed over Sardar Khetran to the police on a 10-day remand.

In recent weeks, a video of the wretched Granaz had gone viral on social media. Holding the Holy Quran, she could be seen pleading for help. Soon after the video came out, however, the bodies of a woman and Marri’s two sons turned up.

The Marri tribe had been demanding the release of the victims ever since their video went viral, Mehruddin Marri, a leader of the All Pakistan Marri Ittehad, said, “No one, including the courts and the media, paid heed,” he goes on to lament. “This is why the Sardar had them murdered,” reported Dawn.
Later at night, it was reported that Granaz had been recovered alive along with two of her children, while the body of the woman found in the well belonged to someone much younger, around 17 or 18.

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