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Bangladesh students raise their voice against China’s treatment to Uighur Muslims

China under the spotlight for its treatment to Uighur Muslims

Bangladesh students have risen to register their protest against China for its treatment to Uighur Muslims, as demand for justice gains momentum the world over.

“Conscious students of Dhaka University have painted graffiti on walls around the campus demanding repression and genocide on Uighur Muslims in China's Xinjiang province,” a report published in Daily Asian Age said, at a time when China is trying to woo Bangladesh.

The Chinese government is violating the basic human rights of Uighur Muslims by demolishing mosques, raping Muslim women and forcing them for sterilization. Adhan (call to prayer) and the Holy Quran have been banned there, the report noted.

The report also added that China has declined to provide data on the number of people in the camps. “Beijing had initially denied the very existence of the camps, but now claims that they are educational and vocational centres and that everyone has ‘graduated,’ the report said.

The increased pitch against China over the issue of Uighur Muslims has become a cause for worry for the dragon.

In a major blow to Beijing, former US President Donald Trump just before exiting office in January, declared that the Chinese government’s repression of the Uighurs in Xinjiang was an act of genocide.

Countries within the European Union have also expressed their concern. The Chinese state backed media organisation Global Times noted that the frequent criticism of China from various European countries over human rights violations especially related to the Uighur Muslims will only dent relationship.

“Some European countries have recently taken turns criticizing China for what they said “repressing” Uygurs in its Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, especially at the ongoing UN Human Rights Council,” it said, adding that against the “backdrop of increasing China-EU trade exchanges, politicizing human rights issues may cast hurdles to ties.”

While Beijing has repeatedly denied reports of genocide, it has not allowed an independent UN investigation.