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Balochistan Government-in-Exile claims three Western governments have recognised it

Naela Qadri, chairperson of the Baloch People's Congress (Photo: @NaelaQuadri/Twitter)

Baloch leader Naela Quadri Baloch has said that three countries in the West have recognised the recently-formed Balochistan's Government-in-Exile that was formed on March 21. The Canada-based leader had told the media last week that the Balochistan government is based somewhere in Europe.

The Baloch leader is also the chairperson of the Baloch People's Congress (BPC) and like other Baloch leaders has been vociferously demanding an independent Baloch nation separate from Pakistan.

India Narrative reached out to Naela Quadri to know more about the Government-in-Exile that was formed last month.

Naela Quadri refused to share the names of the three countries that have recognised the Baloch government saying it would be premature to name them but added that these are located in North America and Europe. She added that the Indian government has, however, not supported the Baloch movement even though the Indian people have shown support.

She said that her own party BPC is not part of the Government-in-Exile as it is driven by an individual and does not have a formal party structure. Naela Quadri added that the Government-in-Exile will follow Parliamentary democracy and the Baloch have been taking inspiration from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

The Baloch leader has not released the names of ministers and portfolio details of the secretive Government-in-Exile as yet. She said that the government has been formed after the coming together of various Balochistan movements and groups across the world.

Naela Quadri has been at the forefront trying to form a government in exile to give a voice to the Baloch community in international fora. She had visited New Delhi in 2016 to seek the support of the Indian government for the same.

Geopolitical analyst Mark Kinra says that the formation of the government-in-exile is significant as this will create a platform for the Baloch community to raise its voices at the highest levels internationally. "The Baloch people can even cast their votes to elect their Government-in-Exile giving them more authority, and this will be like a referendum against Pakistan".

However, Kinra added that the Balochistan Government-in-Exile needs support from other contenders in Baloch politics as until now nobody has announced tacit support for it.

Naela Quadri's son, Mazdak Dilshad Baloch said that the government is at a "nascent stage but we have achieved this after a long process. The Baloch people are coming together and there is light at the end of the tunnel". He added that India is not supporting the Baloch government due to Pakistani pressure.


Baloch women protest State-sponsored abductions and killings (Photo: Amna Baloch/Twitter)

For long, the Baloch nationalists have considered Pakistan as an exploitative State. They say that Balochistan is treated like a colony by the Pakistani military and government that has kept the 40 million Baloch people under-developed and poor.

The Baloch also point out to the gross abuse of human dignity by the Pakistani military and intelligence agencies with "enforced disappearances" and killings rampant across the sparsely-populated province.