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Baloch resistance sends blunt message to Pakistan by attacking trucks—stop exploiting our natural resources

A file photograph of mines in Balochistan (Photo: Quetta Voice)

Baloch nationalists have upped their battle against Pakistan and also China by attacking trucks taking marble stones from mines located in the mineral-rich Balochistan province. The attacks took place in Hub area of Balochistan.

Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) fighting for an independent Baloch nation attacked mining vehicles from Dalbandin with improvised explosive devices (IED). In a press statement, spokesperson Jeeyand Baloch said: "Freedom fighters of Baloch Liberation Army attacked several vehicles with IED and automatic weapons in Hub, Balochistan. These vehicles were carrying the looted Baloch natural resources from Balochistan to Pakistan".

Geopolitical analyst, Mark Kinra told India Narrative that the biggest reason for Balochistan's armed rebellion against Pakistan is the exploitation of natural resources by Pakistan. "Baloch nationalists have targeted Punjabi labourers and Chinese engineers in the past".

Citing an example, Kinra says: "The Sui gas field which was discovered in 1952 had reserves of 9 cubic trillion cubic feet gas and according to the ministry of petroleum reserves of natural gas will begin to deplete by 2022. While Balochistan's gas reserves are declining, the access of gas to Baloch people is less than 5 per cent. Between 2005-2018, there have been 232 attacks on the gas pipeline by Baloch rebels".

Chart shows that Balochistan has poor access to gas as compared to Pakistan's other provinces (Credit: SE4All Pakistan National Action Plan Working Paper)

With the latest attacks on the trucks, the Baloch have sent out a message to Pakistan about stopping the exploitation of Balochistan—a mineral-rich land with a sparse and under-developed population.

Through the attacks on the truckers, the BLA is trying to impact the Pakistani economy. The BLA statement said: "This attack was a warning to the owners and contractors of these companies. If the plundering of Baloch resources is not stopped then our future attacks will be of much higher intensity. These companies will be responsible for loss of any life".

The last couple of weeks have seen an unexpected rise in attacks by Baloch groups on Pakistani security forces, resulting in heavy loss of lives. The Baloch fighters have also brough down the morale of the Pakistani army by taking over their camp in Panjgur and holding the troops at bay for nearly three days.

"The killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti by then President, General Pervez Musharraf was initiated due to 15 points demanded by Nawab Akbar Bugti related to more rights and autonomy over resources for the Baloch people", says Kinra.

Late last week, the BLA warned China in a statement against supporting Pakistan in the economic exploitation of Balochistan.