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Baloch political activists condemn systematic atrocities by Pakistani authorities, accuse Islamabad of genocide

Local leaders from Balochistan hold press conference (Image Credit: X/@BalochYakjehtiC)

Baloch political activists highlighted the atrocities faced by the local Baloch community at the hands of the Pakistani administration during a press conference at the Quetta Press Club in Pakistan.

The Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) leader Siddat Ullah highlighted the inhumane treatment of the people belonging to the Baloch community while addressing the press conference.

In his statement, Siddat Ullah said, “In Balochistan, there is no day when we don’t get news of an inhumane incident involving someone we know. There is a high possibility that even during broad daylight one can receive news about an incident of enforced disappearance, extrajudicial killing, targeted killing, mutilated body, or any other atrocity.”

Ullah said that Baloch people have been pushed to a limit that they have forgotten how to celebrate. He said that Baloch people, in many cases, are forcibly abducted in front of witnesses.

“Our Baloch community has been pushed to such a limit that we have forgotten how to celebrate. We don’t even remember when we last collectively celebrated a holiday. We are sometimes handed over multiple bodies of our loved ones,” Siddat Ullah said. “Sometimes we even have to bury more than 30 people who used to belong to our community when they were alive. Most of them are young individuals, and we have to bury them as if they were old members of our family. In many cases, people are forcibly abducted in front of witnesses,” he added.

He highlighted that there are numerous cases where Baloch people are abducted. He accused the powerful officials in Islamabad of committing atrocities against the Baloch people.

Siddat Ullah said, “Now we have reached a stage where some of us are not even responsive to incidents of enforced disappearance as we sometimes know that one or the other day this atrocity is going to happen to us, no matter what happens. The atrocities that are being inflicted upon us are being committed by powerful officials in Islamabad. The Baloch community is now at its limit. There are numerous cases where our people are abducted, and there is no record of any such atrocities upon our community,” he added.

In response to a query, he said that no cases and First Information Reports are filed when an incident of Baloch atrocity happens. Siddat Ullah said that he personally has, in multiple cases, visited police stations to file complaints against such incidents. However, most of the time his complaint was rejected with the explanation that a complaint would not be filed.

He said that in some cases, the victim was asked to get a court order to file a complaint. However, he added that even after getting the court order, the police officials straight away refused to file any complaint about the incident of the atrocity inflicted upon the victim.

He said, “We understand that all these incidents are not mere coincidences but are a strategic way of committing Baloch genocide.”