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Baloch activist’s death sparks outcry, Pak Army blamed for alleged increase in extrajudicial killings

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Paank, the Baloch National Movement’s Human Rights Department, condemned activist Naveed Baloch’s extrajudicial killing in a post on social media platform X.

The statement denounced the Pakistani army’s increasing crackdown on dissenting voices, citing Naveed’s case as yet another instance of a systematic campaign of abductions and killings.

Paank stated, “We condemn the extrajudicial killing of Naveed Baloch in Panjgur this morning, following his abduction from Hoshab, Balochistan, on 18th of June, 2024. This tragic event highlights the Pakistani army’s involvement in alarming increase in enforced disappearances, with dozens of individuals disappearing each month. This systematic campaign of abductions must end, and those responsible must be held accountable”

The lifeless body of Naveed Baloch was discovered in a desolate corner of Panjgur, bearing signs of torture and brutality. His death sent shockwaves through the community, where whispers of fear and anger mingled in the air.

Baloch Yakjehti also raised concern over the matter and stated, “From Enforced Disappearance to extrajudicial killing, is the ongoing policy and practice of Pakistani military in Balochistan. Naveed Baloch was forcibly disappeared from Hoshab, Kech on 18th June and today his bullet-riddled and tortured body was found in a remote area of Panjgur. The entire State machinery is involved in the genocide of the Baloch Nation.

The military carries out operations making Balochistan a war zone.”

Human rights groups have documented numerous cases where individuals have disappeared under mysterious circumstances, only for their bodies to be found later showing signs of torture.

This pattern of enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, and dumping of bodies has created a climate of fear and mistrust among communities affected by these actions.

The practice has sparked protests within Pakistan and abroad, with calls for accountability and justice for the victims and their families.

International human rights organizations have repeatedly called on Pakistan to investigate these cases thoroughly, prosecute those responsible, and uphold its obligations under international law to protect the rights of all individuals within its borders.