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As tensions deepen, Taliban scoffs at Pak PM Imran Khan’s offer to send professionals to run Afghanistan

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.(File Photo)

The Taliban interim government has scoffed at Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s offer to send Pakistani professionals to fill the “vacuum” in Afghanistan.

“There is no dearth of professionals in Afghanistan and we do not need Pakistani manpower,” said Taliban foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi  addressing Khan’s proposal.  In his statement, he said that there is not any kind of vacuum, "Afghanistan doesn't need anyone from around the world to come and work here.”

On Friday, Khan had instructed his officials to send professionals to run the Taliban government. He directed his officials to extend cooperation in the fields of Finance, IT, minerals, pharmaceuticals, and media to help Afghanistan’s rehabilitation and development as the Taliban leaders have not been well versed in running the affairs of the country.

In the meeting of the Apex Committee on Afghanistan Khan “observed” that the Taliban leadership is grappling with the challenges of governance. They promised to retain civil servants and prioritise ethnic diversity for top government roles. But instead, they have filled positions at all management levels with fighters who “ are graduates of Darul Uloom Haqqania madrassa.” He claimed that the top leaders of the Taliban approached him for help.

But the Taliban have denied that they had asked for the help other than humanitarian aid.

Taking a jibe against Pakistani Prime Minister, one spokesperson of the Taliban, Mufti Abdul Hakim told TOLO news that “Imran Khan wants to provoke nationalist Afghans against Taliban govt by sending Pakistani professionals. We know how professional Pakistanis are.”

Afghan watchers believe that the Taliban 2.0 is different from the previous one and they are not in mood to follow the “directives” given by the Pakistani government. They have given all indications that now they are not dependent solely on Pakistan. There are many who are willing to collaborate with the interim government.

“We have professional, trained and up-to-date young cadres, there is no need to ask anyone in this regard,” said Zabihullah Mujahid,  the chief spokesperson of the Taliban.

According to the sources, all is not well between Pakistan and the Taliban. Pakistani generals believe that the Taliban has been deliberately rejecting  Pakistan's concerns. Last week Pakistani officials had warned the Taliban that if they want recognition, they must fulfil their demands. The Taliban leadership was told that Pakistan was observing "maximum restraint" to avoid any escalation in tensions but there would be a limit to its patience.

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