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Amnesty wants Pakistan to produce Baloch student arrested for Confucius Institute bombing

Baloch Students Council Islamabad protests against Bebagr Imdad's abduction (Photo: BEC_Bahawalpur/Twitter)

Human rights organisation Amnesty International has asked Pakistan to produce 'forcibly abducted' student Bebagr Imdad before the court. It also asked Pakistani agencies to locate him if he is not in their custody.

Imdad was 'forcibly abducted' in relation to the sensational suicide bombing at the Karachi University earlier this week that killed three Chinese academics. He was abducted from Lahore on Wednesday and the video of his abduction went viral on social media. 

The Balochistan Post says Imdad, a student of English literature, was allegedly abducted by the personnel of Pakistani secret services who forcibly put him in the car in the presence of police and security guards of Punjab University, Lahore. His abduction has elicited a storm of protest across Balochistan. Baloch students staged a sit-in protest in front of the administration office alleging that the university and police are involved in handing over Imdad to unknown persons.

One day after Imdad's abduction, the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) confirmed his arrest in relation to the daring suicide attack on Chinese nationals by Shari Baloch earlier this week. The first of its kind attack created global headlines due to the high-profile targets and the involvement of the first female Baloch fiyadeen.

Amnesty also condemned the harassment of protesters by the university. The rights body said violence against the peaceful protestors at the Punjab University was an inhuman and an illegal act and the right to peaceful assembly should be protected. Students protesting against the arrest of Imdad were forcibly dispersed by the police.

Baloch activists say that earlier people from their community were being forcibly abducted from Balochistan, but these abductions have now spread to Punjab as well. Baloch students are being kidnapped in broad daylight from university campuses and student hostels by Pakistani intelligence agencies.

Baloch activists say that kidnappings of Baloch people continue unabated across the country. The Voice of Missing Baloch Persons has been carrying on a relentless campaign against the abductions for years. Last week, even Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif promised that he would take up the matter of missing persons with the Pakistani military.

Meanwhile, demonstrations and protests against the State-sponsored kidnapping of Imdad Baloch have erupted in Quetta, Islamabad and Lahore.