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Afghans chant “Allahu Akbar” as slogan of defiance against Taliban incursions

Afghans chant “Allahu Akbar” as slogan of defiance against Taliban incursions(Photo: Gandhara).

It's spreading faster than Coronavirus. Starting from Herat, then Kabul it has been reaching  across Afghanistan. “Allahu Akbar” or “the God is Greatest’ has become an anti-Taliban “resistance cry” which has never been witnessed in this war-torn country. Social media platforms are full of video clips of Afghans including women and children  coming out on the street in the different cities in support of the Afghan army,  chanting anti- Taliban, anti-Pakistan slogans.

Another video clip shows the people in Baghlan in Northern Afghanistan coming out in solidarity with the Afghan security forces.

And the Taliban is not liking it. Tajuden Soroush, an Afghan journalist says that “It seems that  the slogan of "Allah Akbar" has frightened the Taliban and their spokesman says that this slogan belongs to the Taliban and he has warned people not to chant this. 

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A journalist, Hayat Amanat of the TOLO news, posted another clip.

“Death to Pakistan, Allah-u-Akbar” Daykundi people marching late night and chanting against Taliban and Pakistan. The movement started from Herat in the west and now spread in the north, east and center provinces.

For the last few days, videos of those cries filled Afghan social media, as Afghans at home and abroad have been echoing  similar “cry of defiance”.

Amid the sounds of gun fire and smoke, for hours, voices of children, men and women can be heard ringing across the country.

Chants of “Allahu Akbar” are becoming  a rallying cry of national resistance against Taliban in Afghanistan. While theTaliban claims it’s waging “jihad” to establish a “pure” Islamic system, this rallying cry is a powerful rejection of Taliban’s distorted, inhuman, barbarian  version of Islam. 

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“The Afghan people are chanting "Allahu Akbar" against the terrorist Taliban and their sponsors,

The entire Afghan nation has stood with the state, government, system and army against the terrorist Taliban. The Taliban were, are and will remain terrorists,” says one Afghan youth in his post.

The recent brutalities unleashed by the Taliban in many parts of Afghanistan are only adding  to that collective sense of defiance. Today, they united and stood with their “own” Afghan army, which is unprecedented in the history of this country.

While US troops have mostly  withdrawn  and  the international community is ignoring Taliban’s crimes against humanity, the Afghans have decided not to bow to pressures. This time Afghans have decided that they wont let history repeat itself .

After the proposal from Afghanistan, the United Nations Security Council UNSC) is meeting on August 6, under India ‘s Presidency to discuss and take stock of the situation in Afghanistan. This comes after the UNSC  declared that it does not support the restoration of the Islamic Emirate by the Taliban in Afghanistan and expressed deep concern over the high levels of violence after the Taliban stepped up its offensive.