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Indian students in Canada clash over Khalistan issue

India students clash with Khalistan supporters in Canada

A riot-like situation prevailed in Mississauga city of Canada, on Diwali, October 24th, when pro-India students clashed with Khalistani students raising slogans against each other after bursting crackers. The police intervened to control the crowd in Westwood Mall Square

Six students were reported to have been injured in the violence.

The Indian government had recently expressed its displeasure to the Trudeau government for not curbing the activities of Khalistani elements who were creating a rift among Indian students and vitiating the atmosphere in educational institutions. India’s warning that there was a risk of violence breaking out has proved to be correct.


Constable Mandeep Khatra said that skirmishes occurred between the two yelling groups. A few were injured and had to be rushed to hospitals. No one was arrested or charged. Investigations were underway into the ruckus.

According to Canadian Punjabi media sources, there was a gathering of around 600 youths – Indian students- in Westwood Mall Square. First of all, the pro-India students gathered, waving the Tricolour and bursting crackers. Slogans of Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Jai Sri Ram were raised.

The Punjabi youths, mostly Sikhs, too reached the site waving Khalistani flags, raising Khalistan Zindabad slogans and bursting crackers. The fireworks continued for over three hours in the night.

The sloganeering and yelling led to fisticuffs. The police intervened and formed a human chain to segregate the riotous crowd. But the youths from both groups kept provoking each other, even using abusive language. Blurring music was played by both sides, much to the dislike of Whites in the neighbourhood.

Talking to journalist Sameer Kaushal of radio Sher-e-Punjab, Constable Khatra said that the two groups while celebrating Diwali became aggressive, but the police controlled the situation. “Not much to worry about,” he added, downplaying the incident.

Another Punjabi radio host from Toronto condemned, on-air, the behaviour of Indian boys and expressed his dismay about the garbage littered in the park that was left for the municipal workers to clear.

Talking to indianarrative.com, he expressed his fear that in the coming days Canada might see the formation of pro-India and anti-India gangs of youths making life insecure.

A former MP, now elected as a Councillor termed the situation alarming, stressing the need to take strict action against the undisciplined youths who did not care about Canadian laws. No girl student was seen among the crowd.

Many morning walkers were heard in the videos shaming the hooliganism of Indians who violated the laws prescribed for celebrating Diwali. The municipal laws allowed the bursting of crackers on Canada Day, New Year’s Eve and Diwali only.

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