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10-day-old baby, mother rescued after 4 days under rubble in Turkey earthquake

Image tweeted by ekrem_imamoglu

A 10-day-old newborn and his mother survived four days under the rubble of a building that collapsed in the earthquake that struck Turkey before they were rescued on Friday.

Video images showed the baby Yagiz Ulas with his eyes wide open as he was wrapped in a thermal blanket and carried to a field medical centre in Samandag, Hatay province, on Friday. Emergency workers also carried his mother on a stretcher. She was in a state of shock but conscious.

According to a Reuters report, the rescue of a number of small children has lifted the spirits of weary crews searching for survivors on the fifth day after a major earthquake struck Turkey and neighbouring Syria.

The death toll in the earthquake has now gone up to 24,000.

The rescuers, including specialist teams from dozens of countries including India. An Indian Army team of medical specialists and another team from the national disaster relief force are working in the earthquake-hit region.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi commended Indian personnel for their hard work. In a tweet on Friday evening, Modi said: “Our teams are working day and night as a part of ‘Operation Dost.’ They will keep giving their best to ensure maximum lives and property are saved. In this critical time, India stands firmly with the people of Türkiye”.