Zika Hits Karnataka, State On High Alert!

A five year old girl from Raichur was tested positive for Zika, on December 12th, putting the state health  department on high alert

Zika Virus is transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, fue same responsible for dengue, chikungunya and urban yellow fever

Zika Virus is detected through blood tests & other bodily fluid tests, there is no specific treatment or vaccine for Zika

Although 80 percent infected are asymptomatic, usually the symptoms are conjunctivitis, fever, rashes, muscle and joint pain and malaise

The symptoms usually last 2 to 7 days and WHO recommends taking ample rest and stating hydrated

Since there is no specific treatment, it is advisable to use mosquito repellent, wearing full sleeves and body covered clothes etc and eliminate any stagnant water