Realme C53 vs Oppo A56s: Comparison

The price of the Realme C53 is Rs 9,999 while that of the Oppo A56s is Rs 12,999 (Expected Price).

The Realme C53 has a higher display resolution with 1080 x 2400 pixels while Oppo A56s has 720 X 1612 pixels.

Realme C53 has 4 GB RAM while Oppo A56s has more RAM with 8 GB.

The Clock Speed of Realme C53 has 1.82 GHz while Oppo A56s has a faster clock speed with 2.4 GHz.

Realme C53 has a better rear camera resolution with 108 MP + 2 MP while Oppo A56s has 13 MP + 2 MP.

Realme C53 has fast charging, and reverse charging but no 5G, on the other hand, Oppo A56s has 5G but no fast charging and reverse charging.

The dimensions of Realme C53 are 76.7 x 167.2 x 7.99 mm while those of Oppo A56s are 75.1 x 163.8 x 8 mm