Morocco vs France,  A Symbolic Victory Against Neocolonialism

This is going to be a match filled with a complex history and colonial past. Between1912 and 1956, most of modern day Morocco was a French colony

The match tonight shows how Morocco won against the neocolonial process of  football brain drain, as most of the players were born and trained abroad

Players like Hakim Ziyech, Amrabat grew up in Netherlands, Hakimi in Spain, Boufal in France

Usually a previous colonizer has been seen to be getting players from abroad  like in the French team, Paul Pogba is of Guienean origin

The Atlas Lions as they are called have defeated teams like Belgium, Spain and Portugal to reach the Semi finals against title defenders, France

The match at Al Bayat stadium tonight will be filled with hope for African nations, as well as Morocco and a victory that will be etched in their memories for generations to come