6 Simple Ways To Keep Your  Lungs Healthy

Here are six everyday simple tips to improve your lungs health and help prevent lungs disease:

Smoking cigarettes is the main cause of lungs problems and can damage your airways and make it harder to breathe

Stop Smoking

Deep breathing exercises like pranayama help clear the lungs and create a full oxygen exchange

Do Breathing Exercises

Exercise makes you breathe deeper, increases lung capacity and strengthen the muscles that help your lungs expand

Exercise Regularly

House plants are natural air purifiers, so try to grow a few indoor plants and also can use an air cleaner

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Drinking water helps thin the mucus produced by the lungs, which makes it easier to breathe & also promote proper lung function

Drink More Water

Steam therapy can open airways, keep the lining of the airways moist and decrease the chance of infections in lungs

Try Steam