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Open Court With KK Muhammed E6: Akbar’s Secularism | Discovery Of Ibadat Khana | Din-i-Ilahi

Mughal Emperor Akbar's reign significantly influenced the course of Indian history. Deeply interested in religion & philosophy, Akbar, an orthodox Muslim, at first, gradually moved away from the path of narrow orthodoxy towards secularism. He held socio-religious and spiritual discussions with men of different faiths at the Ibadat Khana. Did you know who unearthed Ibadat Khana? India’s renowned archaeologist KK Muhammed excavated the birth-place of Akbar’s syncretic religion Din-i-Ilahi in the 1980s. Watch this episode of Open Court with K K Muhammed for insight into Akbar's secularism, his syncretic religion & much more!