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Intel confident Apple doesn’t have the ammunition to score in enterprise market yet

Intel's 11th-Gen Core vPro processors are designed for business.

Intel does not think that the launch of Apple’s own silicon, the M1, will impact the chipset maker’s dominance in the lucrative enterprise PC market. In fact, Intel says the debut of its new 11th Gen Core vPro processors for business at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show earlier this week gives it an edge over competitors, including Apple and AMD.

“They [Apple] do have aspirations to get in… but I think most businesses will tell you, until there is a broader ecosystem of business-related solutions it’s not really a viable solution yet,” Stephanie Hallford, Vice-President and General Manager of Business Client Platforms, Client Computing Group, Intel told indianexpress.com over a Skype call.

Despite reports claiming that the M1 chip is the new benchmark in personal computing, Hallford dismissed those claims by saying “the benchmarks are a little fuzzy…. they are in corner cases, they are not broad.”