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Delhi-Meerut RRTS rings in green mantra, installs solar power plant at Ghaziabad depot

Representational image. Aiming to reduce carbon footprints, the National Capital Region Transport Corporation has installed solar plant at the Ghaziabad depot (Pic. Courtesy Twitter/@Sahilinfra2)

The prestigious first Regional Rapid Transit System from Delhi to Meerut which is nearing completion is making efforts to make the project green. In keeping with this aim, the National Capital Region Transport Corporation inaugurated a solar power plant at RRTS depot in Duhai, Ghaziabad to generate electricity and save energy, making the station green.

The state-of-the-art solar power plant was inaugurated by Vinay Kumar Singh, NCRTC Managing Director. The energy generated by this plant will take care of the energy requirements of the depot and the surplus will be used in other RRTS operations.

The solar panels for this power plant with a capacity of 585 kWp have been put up at different buildings in the depot. As per officials the plant with a life span of 25 years will generate 6,66,000 units of solar energy per year and it is expected to bring down the carbon dioxide emissions by 615 tonnes annually. Over its lifetime it will lead to a reduction of 15,375 tonnes.

Talking to media, a NCRTC official said the energy produced by the plant will be tracked on a regular basis and optimised by a cutting-edge cloud-based application. This technology will provide efficiency, transparency and seamless management of the solar energy infrastructure.

The plant has been installed under the solar policy which aims to increase the share of renewable energy by generating about 11 MW peak in-house solar power on the rooftop of stations, depots and other buildings for non-traction purposes in the next five years.