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Bharat Petroleum coming out with new PNG stove to cut gas consumption

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Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL) has successfully developed a PNG stove with an efficiency of 70%, surpassing the reported 55% efficiency so far. The public sector oil company plans to roll out the energy-efficient PNG stove during the current financial year (2023-24), according to an official statement issued today.

The new stove developed by the R&D division of BPCL is eventually expected to lead to a reduction in the country’s gas imports.

BPCL R&D division has filed 164 Patents for cutting-edge innovations, 87 Patents granted across multiple countries, 17 Technologies/products commercialized and over 230+ Scientific papers and Book chapters, the statemen said.

Notable innovations include the development of “Green Silica” from rice straw-based 2G Bio-refinery ash, compostable biomaterials, and Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP) products.

Aligned with Bharat Petroleum’s sustainability agenda and Net Zero Mission, BPCL R&D has undertaken initiatives like the Diesel-Ethanol blend to reduce emissions. The division’s digital advancements and collaborations with renowned institutions have fostered the knowledge economy and innovation culture

BPCL chairman G. Krishnakumar  said, “Our dynamic R&D team, brimming with creativity, has successfully developed a multitude of cutting-edge technologies, innovative products and processes that have not only increased our profitability but also significantly reduced our environmental footprint”.

stated that, “Refiners often process mix of crude oils, for which accurate assay is not available on real-time basis. Variations in crude quality as well as lack of reliable crude assay information makes the task of real-time optimization extremely challenging if not impossible”.

BPCL-R&D has also achieved a significant milestone in the digital space. It has developed two novel technologies, namely the K Model for crude compatibility and BPMARRK® for quick and accurate real-time crude assay. BPCL is the only company at the global level to achieve this milestone in the oil and gas sector. Recently, a collaboration agreement was inked with the world leader in Refinery Software business, M/s Aspen Technology Inc. USA, to provide a unique solution to the refinery world for real-time monitoring and optimization of refinery units, along with BPCL BPMARRK® software, said Sanjay Khanna, Director (Refineries), BPCL.