Apple unveils new iOS 15 to go with iPhone 6s


Apple unveils new iOS 15 to go with iPhone 6s

Apple has officially unveiled its new iOS 15 with several far-reaching improvements in iMessage and FaceTime which will roll out on iPhone 6s and later handsets in September this year. The new software has a system-wide emphasis on sharing and communication as well as more privacy-related features. It also incorporates new ways to leverage on-device intelligence.

Besides, there is Hindi language support for the iOS Quickpath swipe keyboard.

To make FaceTime calls feel more comfortable and natural, users can now leverage spatial audio. This is said to make people sound like they're sitting in the same room and speaking face to face. Voices will be spread out in group chats to sound as though they're coming from speakers' positions on screen.

Voice isolation uses on-device machine learning to block out ambient noise and prioritise voices. On the other hand, if you want every bit of sound to come through, you can switch to a Wide Spectrum mode. In group FaceTime calls, users will be able to see every face in a grid view. Same-sized tiles will make it easy to identify who's speaking while seeing everyone else's reactions. Portrait mode blurs your background and puts the focus on you.

FaceTime users can now also generate links to invite others. These links can be shared anywhere and even used by Android and PC users in a browser, with end-to- nd encryption for privacy. 

A new experience sharing feature called SharePlay lets you synchronise watching videos or listening to music with everyone in a FaceTime call. Users can just press play in Apple Music, Apple TV, or any third party app that implements this feature.

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