Two-headed blue-tongued ‘Lucky’ lizard makes another video appearance


Two-headed blue-tongued lizard Lucky whose third eye is located in the middle, being shared by the two heads

Wildlife enthusiasts and netizens were in for a treat when the founder of the California’s Reptile Park Jay Brewer shared a video of an unusual, in fact rare, blue tongued lizard with two heads.

Even though blue-tongued lizard is ubiquitous in Australia as it is visible in backyard but two years back, a Somersby-based Australian Reptile Park was in for surprise when it was handed over a member of this species with two heads,

Yes, even though two-headed snakes and sharks have been discovered, till date two-headed lizards have not been reported.

The creature with this rare deformity was named Lucky, and ever since then it has been receiving the best possible care from experts. Daniel Rumsey, the head of the Australian Reptile Park, in a 2019 interview had said that Lucky will be treated like the special little guy he was.

Now two years later, Brewer, whose Instagram has more than 5,7 followers, shared a video clipping of Lucky. Brewer’s usually shares adorable and unique posts on reptiles. Uploading the video clip, he captioned it: “Wow unbelievable. This is one incredible little blue tongue skink can you believe your eyes.”

The close-up shows Lucky’s two heads and three eyes, with the third eye located in the middle, being shared by the two heads. It looks like the outer two eyes are functional.

Not posing any threat or danger to people or pets, these blue-tongue lizards are not poisonous, and use their blue-tongue as a warning when encountered. Another device it uses is to flatten its body to make itself look bigger.

Netizens viewing this clipping widely posted their views and comments.

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