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Maharashtra’s tech students design plane-style wheel to make carts lighter for bullocks

The extra wheel fitting as per the height of the bullocks helps ease the burden on the animals

On seeing bullocks pulling an overburdened cart on the road, one’s heart goes out for the struggling animals. An innovative design for the carts has been posted by IAS officer Awanish Sharan which will help reduce the weight carried by these animals.

Designed by a group of students from the Rajarambapu Institute of Technology located in Sangli district of Maharashtra, this innovation places a portable tyre or plane style wheel in between the animals. This according to the students reduces the weight on the animal’s back substantially making it easier for them to pull the load.

This portable wheel which provides rolling support can be adjusted as per the height of the animals.

Bullock carts are used widely in the rural areas for transporting sugarcane or cattle feed or even iron pipes and rods used for construction.

Sharing the picture on his Twitter, Sharan wrote: “Rolling support fitted on a bullock cart to reduce the load of the bulls.”

The unique innovation was appreciated by Twitter users who complimented the students while many praised them for combining traditional method and modern technique.