Indian youngsters unveil novel air-conditioned helmets at Dubai 2020 Expo


Three Hyderabad youngsters have developed air-conditioned helmets which was unveiled recently at Dubai Expo 2020

A large number of people are averse to wearing helmets even though it is an essential safety gear because of the issues of sweating, heat, hair fall, among others. Now, a solution is at hand as a group of Indian entrepreneurs from Hyderabad have rolled out novel air-conditioned helmets – probably the first of its kind in the world, which were displayed at the Dubai 2020 Expo recently.

These youngsters from Hyderabad are Kausthubh Koundinya, Srikanth Kommula and Anand Kumar – mechanical engineering students from Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad -- who in order to address the issues preventing wearing of the helmet came up with a prototype ‘AC helmets’ in 2016. Now a start-up Jersh Safety, in collaboration with NIA of United Arab Emirates, has developed this AC helmet.

The helmets have been designed in such a way that a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius is maintained inside for several hours when the person wears it. At present three types of such helmets have been designed. These include one for transport and the other for construction industry workers and the last one with complete cover for welding workers who work in severe temperatures.

The three youngsters, having started in 2016, began with a prototype and over five years came up with multiple variants catering to different sectors and needs.

The three variants are S, E and W and these AC helmets work for a minimum of two hours to 10 hours continuously. While the weight of these helmets ranges from just 650 grams to one kilogram, the price varies between Rs 6,000 to Rs 10,000 based on the models and designs. For those who don’t want to purchase this gear, Jersh Safety is making them available for hire and the charges vary from Rs.10 to 15.